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Gracie’s Pet Boutique

Gracie’s Pet Boutique at Comfort Kennels sells a variety of pet products that will benefit you and your pet. We carefully select and sell products that we stand by and use ourselves.

We offer humane training products and healthy, natural or organic cat and dog treats and food. We also sell quality, SAFE options such as Bully Sticks, Himalayan Chews and Deer/Elk Antlers instead of traditional rawhides.

We also have a wide selection of enrichment products for dogs and cats that include interactive toys for mental stimulation, products for comfort and low stress living and of course FUN!

We try to mark our prices lower than large chain pet stores to make these beneficial products more accessible to all pet owners as we want all pets to reap the rewards of them.

We also offer a variety of boutique items from collars, leashes, bowls, magnets and gifts that pet savvy people will love.

Here is a sample of our products, please stop in to see more! We are happy to provide information on each product.



Toys for Mental Stimulation


·        These products speak to your dog’s natural ability to problem solve but in an appropriate way!

·         Keeps them busy, entertained and gives your dog the right outlet to use their energy and intelligence.

·        This equates to a happy, tired dog and an even happier owner!

·        They last a long time and worth the investment for the hours of play your dog gets.





Image of productTwist N Treat is an interactive food toy that comes in many sizes and is one of our most popular items.


Small $7                                                                                             

Med $10








Image of productKibble Nibble is a food dispensing interactive toy which is perfect to feed meals from rather than the classic food bowl.



Small/Med $11

Large $15







Funny Bone – Safe, creative toy for chewing that is a unique challenge and you can use over and over….


One size $10


Refills: Gnawhide and Cornstarch Strips $8





Premier Pet Busy Buddy Jack Dog ToyThe Jack is a VERY challenging, different, fun chew toy that will occupy your dog for quite awhile keeping them independently entertained.


Small $7

Med $15

Large $20






Image of productBouncy Bone is a safe, fun, engaging chew toy that can be used over and over by your dog.  Top Seller!


Small $5

Med $10

Med/Large $15

Large $20


Gnawhide and Cornstarch Ring Refills can be used for the Bouncy Bone and the Jack. They come in different sizes and vary in price.




Image of product


Squirrel Dude is a durable toy that has a treat meter which dispenses treats as your dog plays.


Small $6

Med $8





Image of product


Magic Mushroom is a VERY challenging, advanced interactive toy. The dog has to carefully manipulate this toy to get the treats out. It’s like Calculus for dogs!



One Size $20






Image of product

Tug a Jug is a bit more complicated interactive toy. Great for dogs who like to use their mouths. The goal is to effectively manipulate the tug rope inside the toy to get the treats out. The tug rope can be replaced if damaged but you can also use this toy in other ways such as adding some balls inside to make it more difficult to get the treats out. Hence a very durable, long lasting toy.



                                               Extra Small $9

         Small $12

         Large $15



Image of product


Rip N Tug Ball allows the dog to rip the same toy apart multiple times and when they do, there are treats inside to enjoy. Lots of fun!


Med $12

Large $15





Image of productLinkables are durable, challenging, fun and safe

They can be played with separate or all assembled together providing a new puzzle each time.


Orb (blue piece) $10

Elbow (red piece) $9

Twist (green piece) $9







Here’s a glimpse at other fun toys we carry:



Chase It!  A unique, durable, VERY fun toy. If your dog likes to play chase then check this toy out. It allows your dog to use their natural drive to chase while burning off plenty of energy and doesn’t require much physical activity from us humans. What a great deal!


Chase It comes with the pole and the toy.




Replacement Toys available









Kyjen Tail Teaser Dog Toy with Refill


Tail Teaser- Another wonderful toy to play “chase” with. We have found this toy is ideal for indoor play with a smaller lure “stuffed animal” and shorter pole and line. Move some furniture aside, play in the garage or basement and you have a fantastic way to tire out your dog without much physical activity on your end. We know, we’ve done it!



Replacement toy $3







Food Puzzles by Kyjen







Kyjen Plush  Invincible Snake Dog ToyInvincible Gecko 4 Squeak - Blue

Kyjen Plush Puppies Dog Squeaker Mat Toy, LargeKyjen Invincible Snakes and Geckos & Squeaker Mats are Squeaky toys that literally never stop squeaking and have no stuffing









Premier Pogo Plush & Frizzle AND many other plush, fleece, rubber & rope toys!
















Training Products


These training products are effective, humane and pet friendly.


Ask us about them!


Deluxe Designer Treat 'N Ball Bag™


Treat/Ball Bag for Training   $6







Image of product


Large Training/treat bag










Easy Walk Harness

Sizes and prices vary








Martingale No Slip Collar

Sizes and Prices vary







Martingale No Slip Collar with Snap Buckle   

Sizes and Prices Vary








Image of product




Gentle Leader Head Collar

Sizes and Prices Vary









Halti Headcollar Size 3 - Black

Halti Head Collar

Sizes and Prices Vary









We carry a VARIETY of clickers and Click Sticks (clicker with target stick) to suit the different needs of human handlers and dogs.


We also carry 30ft and 50ft long lines/leads for training.




 Manners Minders














Cloud Star Soft Chewy Buddy Biscuits are all natural, low fat, very delicious treats that your dog will love.  These can be broken apart as training treats as well.

We offer a variety of flavors to suit each dog’s liking.


On sale for $4.50 a bag


Cloud Star Buddy Biscuit - Soft 6oz DuckBuddy Biscuits Natural Soft and Chewy Dog TreatsCloud Star Soft & Chewy Roasted Chicken Madness Buddy Biscuits Dog TreatBuddy Biscuits Soft & Chew Peanut Butter 6oz










Cloud Star Tricky Trainers Chewy Dog Treats Cheddar 5 oz


Cloud Star Tricky Trainers are low calorie training treats that healthy and all natural but taste great! Each treat is only 3 caloriesFlavors offered in Salmon, Cheddar or Liver


On Sale for $4.50 a bag







Cat Mental Stimulation Toys


Our household cats need mental stimulation as much as dogs do. There are a lot of great ways to offer this and luckily there are some toys out on the market that speak to the creative minds and abilities of cats.

They last a long time and are worth the investment for our feline friends!



Image of product


Twist N Treat Cat Teaser   


One Size $8







Funkitty Twist N Treat Cat ToyTwist N Treat


One Size $4









Funkitty Egg-Cersizer Cat Toy Treat Dispenser

Egg Cersizer 


One Size $8  







Image of product



Doorway Dangli


One Size $7





We also sell Easy Walk Harnesses for kittens and cats!


Size and Color Vary